About Sullivan’s Auto

AboutImgIn 1976, Gary Sullivan started a grassroots business known today as Sullivan’s Automotive Service, Inc. You could find Gary at an early age at his father’s business in Old Town, Maine. Sullivan’s Automotive Service was owned and operated by John Sullivan, Gary’s dad. When Gary wasn’t in school he was at Sullivan’s working with his dad, who taught him the craft of vehicle mechanics and auto body repair.

Gary learned the financial side of running a business during his employment in management at Sears and Roebuck and Chambers Ford. This prepared him to enter the world of self-employment in 1988, following in his father’s footsteps.

Gary rented space from his dad and did it all: auto body repair, vehicle estimates, painting, bookkeeping, vehicle and equipment maintenance. He fondly remembers his first tow truck, a 1969 International he built and painted blue and white.

Over the next few years the business flourished and Gary found that he could no longer do it all by himself. He needed help providing services and keeping up with the paperwork. So one employee at a time and one truck at a time, the business grew.

In January 1991, Sullivan’s Automotive Service, Inc. was born. Today the business is located in the Airport Business Park, at 84 Airport Road, Old Town Maine. The fleet of trucks has been called impressive and includes service vehicles, tow trucks, flatbeds, four-car carriers, trailer trucks and various trailers to ensure that the job gets done.
Sullivan’s Automotive Service, Inc. provides emergency roadside services and towing as well as transportation of salvage, forestry and construction equipment and just about everything in between.

Gary and the 25 (plus/minus) full- and part-time employees do the work necessary to keep things running smoothly. Gary takes pride in carrying on the tradition of a family business with his wife’s support and three children working at his side each day. With family and employee dedication, Sullivan’s Automotive Service, Inc. continues to provide safe, timely, professional and courteous service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.